Event Highlight Videos

The Event Highlight Video can be one of the most valuable event assets you can create as it’s often your events lasting memory.

An Event Highlight Video condenses your event message into a short and highly effective engagement weapon, perfect for your time poor demographic.

Event Highlight Videos generate buzz and hype for your event. They can drive sales and increase both registrations and attendance for your events, become a new revenue stream or used simply to amplify your event message.

There are many styles of Event Highlight Videos but the three most effective for event and activation amplification are Hype Highlights, Message Highlights and Hybrid Highlights. Examples of these styles of Event Highlight Videos are below.

Hype Highlight

The Hype Highlight video is an upbeat, punchy video edited to music that recaps your entire event within a 1 – 2 minute clip which achieves a high engagement score and will most likely be shared via social networks.

Message Highlight

The Message Highlight video focuses mainly on the topics and key messages delivered by the presenters at your event which are edited down into an average duration of 5 minutes. This style is great for advertising the full length recording of your event through EDM, social and press outlet channels.

Hybrid Highlight

The Hybrid Highlight video is the perfect balance between high engagement visuals along with key messages and delegate interviews from the event which increases the trust and recommendation factor of your event or brand.

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