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On Demand streaming made simple for conferencing, seminars and corporate events

Create Demand has all the benefits of Create Live but without the LIVE element. This is perfect for creating an archive recording of your event and for giving your online audience access to the event once it has concluded.

Create Demand simplifies the event recording and streaming process by reducing the cost through packaging up only the essentials needed to get your event and its content to your online audience without adding unused bells and whistles. We also offer additional modules that can be bolted onto the Create Demand package for those with extra needs.

You will walk away from the event with a recoding on thumb drive or if you require any edits or changes, we can edit the event and provide you with a download link.

Layouts and Templates

Create Demand offers 8 standard templates but most of them can be “reversed” leaving you with a plethora of layout options for your next online event. Having trouble decoding? Ask us which layout best suits your event.

Style 1
Style 2
Style 3
Style 4
Style 5
Style 6
Style 7
Ecolab Live v2-01
Style 8

Package Inclusions

Optional Modules


  • Project management
  • One camera operator and camera
  • Video recording technician
  • Video layout encoder
  • Recorded file post event
  • Custom branded video player
  • Extra camera angles
  • Editing
  • Multi bitrate streaming
  • Video hosting
  • Password protection
  • Pay per view
  • Extend your event reach
  • Combine presenter feed with slides
  • Viewable on mobile devices
  • Viewer analytics
  • Password protection
  • Monetise your content
  • Sponsorship opportunities


Click the filmstrip icon on the player to view different templates

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