Motion Graphics & Animation

Motion graphics allow you to tell a story in a more captivating way.

Our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, when motion graphics are included in a project people are more likely engaged right from the start. Motion Graphics are a great tool to enhance the moment through increased engagement with both your audience.

Motion graphics includes elements of animation, sound effects, music and voice overs and can be easily transferred throughout all of our services. These elements will assist in enhancing your message and making it ‘share’ worthy. With competition fierce and expectations high in this digital age, this added element can assist in your overall event or project goals.

The design element of any digital event strategy is paramount. Create Engage will work with you on any of these elements, whether they be the video player design, webskin design or webpage design. We understand that staying true to your brand is important and will work alongside you to add the little touches that will personalise your finished product and make it stand out from the rest.

View our Motion Graphics reel below


  • Increase content engagement
  • High quality content
  • Quality brand perception / trust
  • Enhance your message
  • Simplify complicated concepts
  • Showcase infographics easily
  • Increase conversion rates


  • Openers for webcasts
  • Explainer videos
  • Titles for video productions
  • Visual award stings
  • Animated logos
  • Enhanced slide presentations
  • In room projected content

Animated Logos

Animating your brand logo is a very cost effect way to add a high quality video asset to your companies marketing toolkit.

We can animate your logo with stunning visual effects and music backgrounds that can be used for all your video content including webcasts.


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