Private Dinner Video Invitation

The Client

Commonwealth Bank

The Brief

When Commonwealth Bank entrusted us with the task of creating a produced video invitation for an exclusive private dinner at Nel Restaurant, we knew it had to be nothing short of exceptional. The goal was not only to invite key stakeholders but to immerse them in the essence of Nel Restaurant and the culinary mastery of Head Chef Nelly Robinson. Each invitation needed to be personalised, featuring multiple takes with different guests’ names.

The Solution

At Create Engage, we excel in crafting bespoke experiences that leave a lasting impression. For Commonwealth Bank, we embarked on a journey to translate the ambiance of Nel Restaurant and the artistry of Chef Nelly Robinson into a captivating video invitation. Our team meticulously captured the intimate charm of Nel Restaurant, showcasing its unique atmosphere and exquisite cuisine. Through skillful cinematography and editing, we brought Chef Nelly Robinson’s passion for gastronomy to life on screen, enticing guests with a tantalising preview of the dining experience awaiting them. To add a personal touch, we seamlessly integrated multiple takes featuring the names of each individual guest, ensuring that every invitation felt tailor-made and exclusive. The video invitation was ingeniously housed in a video booklet, allowing it to auto-play when opened by the recipients. The result was more than just an invitation; it was a sensory journey that ignited anticipation and excitement for the upcoming event.

Services Used

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