Content Marketing

Generate hundreds of engaging pieces of video content from your event and have them appear on your webpage in seconds. It’s the best way to market your event or activation!

Its all about content. Forget using big, fancy broadcast equipment, our platform is designed around capturing event videos using iDevices and Smartphones. This greatly reduces the unnecessary costs and focuses on generating a large number of high quality video assets to promote your event as it happens.

We can also provide SMS video interviews so that you can send you delegate a branded SMS and have them upload video content directly to you to help you promote your event before , during and after it takes place.

Create Promotional Clips

Combine our Content Marketing and Video Production services together to create high quality event videos. Check out this moving video we produced for the St Vincent de Paul Society for the CEO Sleepout event below. We used videos created from iPhones before during and after the event with broadcast quality footage we shot at the event. This clip will be used to market future events and increase CEO registrations.

0 % Increase
Think outside the box and use our platform to capture video survey responses from your exhibitors. On average, our clients gain over 95% survey completion using our platform than regular paper surveys!
3 x More Content!
The spoken word yields 3 x more content than the written word. Video is the best medium to gain precious feedback from your event.



Customise unlimited video pages, and place custom ads next to every single video.


Enter meta tags to increase your SEO and visibility on social media.

Lead Generation

Collect data from every person filmed. Export to your CRM’s and sales channels.

Custom Email

Each filmed person receives a link to their video by email. Use our customisable email system to rapidly distribute content, and insert your call to action to take advantage of 85% average email open rates.


See exactly where your videos are watched, shared and liked. Find key people of influence by tracking most viewed to reach out to for accelerated exposure.

Cost Effective

Content marketing is about content. The benefit of using our platform is that all attendees or interviewees are recorded via iDevices so you save costs on fancy broadcast camera equipment and focus on generating effective branded content for your event.

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