CEO Sleepout

The Client

St. Vincent de Paul

The Brief

Having being an event sponsor for the last decade working with St Vincent de Paul on the Vinnies CEO Sleepout hybrid event series has been a privilege. Each year the event requires audio visual, live streaming and video assets with the goal to create awareness of the event, the cause and to drive attendance and donations for future years.

The Solution

Given the importance of this great cause it required a bespoke solution to maximise audience engagement and attendance both in-room and online. To get the most out of this event for Vinnies, multiple services were provided. We provide a live stream with interactive features such as social media aggregation, online chat and a live donation function. We facilitate live crosses from other event locations and provide a dedicated online MC to keep that audience engaged during activities and dinner break. The camera production we provide onsite includes IMAG as well as b-roll footage that we combine with the user generated videos that we produce for Vinnies pre and post event which are edited for the annual “Reflection Clip” which is used to create cause awareness and drive donations and attendance for the following years event.

Services Used

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