IPCN Streaming Equipment Consultancy

The Client

Independent Planning Commission NSW

The Brief

IPCN, the Independent Planning Commission of NSW, sought our expertise in establishing a robust streaming infrastructure to facilitate their public meeting and public hearing live streams. With a need for both a permanent studio setup and a portable solution for regional travel, our task was to provide comprehensive consultancy services, recommend suitable equipment, and oversee the procurement and implementation process.

The Solution

Drawing upon our extensive experience in audiovisual solutions and live streaming technologies and the many years of work with IPCN, we embarked on a comprehensive consultation process. Understanding their unique requirements and operational constraints, we developed tailored recommendations to meet their needs effectively. For the permanent studio space, we proposed a versatile setup comprising high-quality cameras, audio equipment, lighting fixtures, and encoding hardware. Our recommendations were meticulously curated to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and scalability for IPCN’s long-term broadcasting needs. In parallel, recognising the importance of mobility and flexibility for regional engagements, we designed a portable streaming solution. This involved selecting compact yet powerful equipment that could be easily transported and set up in diverse environments across NSW, following strict weight guidelines for ease of complying with airline luggage restrictions. The elements were also carefully chosen to withstand the rigors of travel while delivering exceptional quality. Following approval of our recommendations, we leveraged our industry connections to procure the specified equipment efficiently and cost-effectively. Our team of experts then collaborated closely with IPCN to install and configure the equipment, providing training, equipment servicing and ongoing support to ensure seamless integration into their workflow.

Services Used

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